Sunday, July 24, 2011

A new start.

It has been..a long long long time since i've blogged..i realized i needed somewhere to funnel out all my feelings.Thanks for making me realize this.

2011 has been a great year,or so i think..=/ Its gonna be tough..sigh..STPM is NOT easy..gonna have to work hard..x)

Anyways,I really felt heartbroken.After all I tried,still..
You were the one who said we had a long time to go.So i gave my all,thinking it could be done.
But for the past few months i felt you had already given up. But I didn't want to yet.
It hurts more than you think. And if you think i don't read your blog,i do..i even translate the chinese to pinyin so i'd understand..x) i just never told you.

I guess God has made me learn a lesson. =) And i'm stronger now..
Memories we had i'll never forget. =)

Its a new start.Let's move forward.Never look back.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Pics!!

Lots of pics..lazy to post..go check out the link..its all there..heh.=)


never update blog so long..zz..anyways..last saturday was World Environmental Day!! and MYCJN organised a programme called Dance for the Earth..its also in conjuction with We did a flashmob aka KLCC park and Pavillion..we were joined by UM students at KLCC..Monash,Taylors and HELP universities also joined the programme..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When you wash your body wash your hands a lot of fruits so you won't get where u go..US or so more fruits fruits very cheap apple a day keeps the doctor away..haha..but if the doctor is hot..forget bout the apple..:D
Back to civilization for me weh..all thanks to streamyx..DSL light kept blinking..thus,couldnt connect to internet..-.- felt so outdated..Don't know wats happening..anyways,went balik kampung on sunday..Sitiawan..grandpa fell down..but he's ok..still can breath..O.O haha..jk..he's healthy..anyways..Tell u an amazing fact..IF u ever go to this place called SITIAWAN..u better bring the fly trap or sumthing..coz i tell u ar..u go to the the door..see one WHOLE PATCH of BLACK stuff on the table..u wonder wat it is..u walk closer to get a better look..u WILL see FLIES!! i tell u ar..banyak giler weh!!!!! see also no appetite to eat..and the problem is..ALL the freagin restaurants there is the same..CONFIRM will have lots and lots of here fly here land on MY cup..MY spoon..most importantly..MY FOOD!! go find ur own food la..pick on sumthing ur own size..u land on my cup..for wat??!! u want to drink my whole cup of tea?? NO RIGHT??!! then?!?! aiyo..FIrst thing i go to heaven..i will ask God this question..WHY DID YOU EVER CREATED FLIES AND MOSQUITOES FOR?? WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE ON EARTH??

anyways..enjoy ur hols ppl..I'll be off to Pahang Forest for camping..til Merdeka Day..heh.bye!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


these are the pics of our new moral teacher..Pn.Mazitah..she is actually Pn.Mazidah's sister..she is not as fat as Mazidah la..but the face ar i tell you..omg weh..Daniel is lvl 3 acne problem..i think she lvl 100 ar..:P anyways..enjoy classmates:D